Composites Education

An overview of composite materials outlining the benefits composites offer and why they are increasingly being used in ‘green’ building, including the following learning objectives:

  • Define and identify a composite material
  • Recognize the benefits composite materials offer to green building and construction
  • Learn how to use the site
  • Review example life cycle and environmental comparisons of composite materials vs. traditional materials

    Composites Overview Presentation

A presentation on the transition of composites in many markets and how they relate to the use of composites in the building and construction industry:

Composite Materials in Building and Construction Applications

A video presentation of composites use in the architectural and civil engineering segments:

Composite Materials in Architecture and Civil Engineering – By Daniel J. Haggerty, AIA

The American Composites Manufacturers Association has developed a comprehensive online guide to the composites industry.  The site provides an in-depth explanation of the science behind composites, the history of composites, comparisons of composites with steel, aluminum, wood and granite; as well as case studies that detail the use of composites in several industries.  Visit to learn more.

The following overviews will give you more insight into the world of composites and are recognized continuing education programs that earn credit hours toward programs such as AIA and GBCI: