Process Description
Vacuum infusion is a process where the binder resin is introduced into the mold after the vacuum has pulled the bag down and compacted the dry reinforcing and core laminate materials. The method is defined as having lower than atmospheric pressure in the mold cavity. The mold may be gel coated in the traditional fashion. After the gel coat cures, the dry reinforcement and core material is positioned in the mold. A perforated release film is placed over the dry reinforcement and core, followed by a flow media consisting of a coarse mesh. Perforated tubing is positioned as a manifold to distribute the binding resin across the laminate. The vacuum bag is then positioned and sealed at the mold perimeter. A tube is connected between the vacuum bag and the resin container. Vacuum is applied to consolidate the laminate and the resin is pulled into the mold. When the resin is pulled into the mold the laminate is already compacted; therefore, there is no room for excess resin.