Process Description
Compression molding is a high-volume, high-pressure method suitable for molding complex, parts on a rapid cycle time. Compression molding tooling consists of heated metal molds mounted in large presses. The temperatures and pressures used during compression molding operation require high quality and much higher cost molds than many other composite fabrication methods. This limits the use of compression molding to parts with high production rates. During the
compression molding process the mold set is mounted in a hydraulic or mechanical molding press. The molds are heated to 2500 to 4000 F. A weighed charge of molding compound is placed in the open mold. The two halves of the mold are closed and pressure is applied. Depending on thickness, size, and shape of the part, curing cycles range from less than a minute to about five minutes. The mold is opened and the finished part is removed.