Retaining Wall

Application / Environment
900 linear feet of seawall replaced wooden bulkhead

Masonboro Harbour in Wilmington, North Carolina

Composite Design & Fabrication
Creative Pultrusions, Alum Bank, PA

SuperLoc™ Series 1560 (Residential/Light Commercial) Composite Sheet Pile, SuperWale™ Fiberglass Waler, Light SuperCap™ Fiberglass Top Cap, Manta Ray earth anchors, Blue Marlin weep hole filters and Plastic Hex Bolts/Nuts.

SuperLoc™ composite sheet pile is manufactured by the pultrusion process, which is a continuous, heat driven process that forms and hardens glass reinforcing fiber and a binding resin.

Technical Data
Composite sheet piling has a modulus of elasticity of ~4.5 million psi, compared to vinyl of 380,000 psi and wood at 1.5 million psi.  Steel piling has a MOE of 25 million psi and must be overdesigned to allow for corrosion.

Why This Solution?
Composite load-bearing piles are an ideal fit for waterfront piers, docks and seawalls.  They resist rot, insects and corrosion.  The composite material does not require the on-going maintenance required for wood and steel; nor contain the waterproofing treatments required for wood pilings or the paints and primers and other coatings required for steel applications.