Application / Environment
The FRP rebar was used for cast stone balustrade and railing exposed to a marine environment.

Location / Year
The rebar was installed in June of 1986 at the Bear Lake Country Club, West Palm Beach, Florida.

The rebar was reported to be in good condition when inspected 10 years after the initial installation.

Kodiak Plastics (Houston, TX)

Architectural Cast Stone Corp
(West Palm Beach, FL)

The rebar was pultruded with Derakane™ epoxy vinyl ester resins.  A spiral wrap is used during the wet stage to increase the bond strength to the concrete.

Technical Data
A fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP) reinforcing bar used in building construction.  Two size of rebar were used, 9.5 mm (0.4 in) and 12.7 cm (0.5 in) diameter.

In addition to the chemical resistance of the Derakane vinyl ester resin, the pultruded rebar has twice the tensile strength of steel rebar, with one fourth the weight.

Design / Comment
Ron Szymanski, president of Architectural Cast Stone Corp, believes that marine environments lend themselves to the use of FRP rebar because of its corrosion resistance.  “I want to reduce the probability of having to go back and replace anything later,” added Szymanski.

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