Oil Change Bay

EnviroLube is a fiberglass composite module system specifically designed for drive-through lubrication service pits in heavy-duty and passenger car service facilities. The systems are designed to replace concrete pit construction.

The patented design contains oil, grease, and other contaminants and prevents leakage to the soil. EnviroLube’s service bays design directs spilled fluids to a sump, where the fluids are automatically pumped to a waste oil tank.

For worker safety, the units are built with a bright white gel coat surface which improves light reflectance and is easily cleaned. Operators stand and walk on non-slip fiberglass composite grated walkways that are raised above any spilled fluids.

Construction Time
EnviroLube reduces construction time by up to 80% compared to conventional concrete pits. Lubrication hoses, electrical lines, lighting, and other components are pre-installed into the modules at the factory where systems are pre-checked for quality and integrity. These items allow the bays to be operational much faster than traditional construction.

 Fabricator:  Miles Fiberglass Company (Portland, Oregon)