Office Facade

Application / Environment
The Mahler4 Office Tower in Zuid-As, south of Amsterdam, is located in a densely build urban area.

This office tower was inspired by a rock and ice floe with the “rock” being the solid mass floating above the transparent “ice” below.

Erick van Egeraat Associated Architects (Rotterdam, The Netherlands)

Composite Design & Fabrication
Poly Products (Netherlands)

Why This Solution?
Stone was a natural material selection for the façade of the rock but posed a large challenge because of the weight.  The composite panel was developed to look like Serpentine stone, but is 1/3 the weight of the natural stone.  This reduced weight significantly reduces the cost of the substructure required to support the façade.

The Composite Relief System façade was constructed using an in-mould lining followed by a 5 mm layer of natural crushed stone.

An adhesive binder is added to secure the stone to the fiberglass-reinforced polyester laminate.

A foam glass and binder resin layer is added for stiffness followed by a second layer of fiberglass reinforcement.  The panels are then cut to shape and perforated with bolt holes for installation.

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