Hotel Curves

Application / Environment
A continuous surface that encloses a three story hotel, offices, restaurants, and conference center.

The 420 linear meters of façade  incorporates bi-directional curvature into the design and allows for weather tight conditions with temperature swings as large as 70oC.

Location / Year
The Sheraton Milan Malpensa Airport Hotel and Conference Center.  Complete September of 2010.

King Roselli Architetti (Rome, Italy)

Composite Design & Fabrication
Progettazione Construczione Ricerca
(PCR) based in Milan, Italy.

The façade was constructed using a framework of pultruded FRP channel covered by a pultruded FRP skin that was curved around the framework in lengths up to 22 meters.

Technical Data
Fiberglass reinforcements were pultruded using direct roving for tensile strength and continuous strand mat for off-axis strength and impact resistance.  Additional corrosion, water and fire resistance are provided through the unsaturated polyester resin binder system.  The combination meets M1F0 fire ratings.

Why This Solution?
Many other material choices were considered, but pultruded composite offered the best solution package:

  • Light weight, reducing structural loading
  • Reduced costs and construction times
  • Durability and corrosion resistance
  • Weather tight through temperature extremes

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