Foundation Walls

Application / Environment

Composite foundational wall system to replace poured concrete.

Location / Year

New to the market, with US national code approval granted late CY’14.

Process Technology Company

Composite Panel Systems, LLC (CPS), Eagle River, Wisconsin

Design Comment

This system was designed by a builder, for a builder.  The CPS foundational wall system eliminates the dated approach of using poured concrete with a sophisticated composite panel system with a strong value proposition for the builder and the homeowner.


Modified open molding process for the skins with foam core; with pultruded connector pieces

Technical Data

Compared to a poured foundation wall, the CPS composite foundation offers:

  • Estimated 2 week shorter construction time
  • Estimated 15% gain in energy efficiency
  • R-value of 20 vs. <5
  • 10x the lateral load strength
  • Light weight, reducing structural loading

Why This Solution?

  • Ease and speed of installation
  • Integrated stud cavities for mechanicals
  • Larger living space
  • Warm, dry, feeling below grade

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