Electrical Cabinets

Metis Secure Solutions engineers emergency warnings stations, including the First Alert-branded weather radios.  Metis more recently launched the MS-6100 Emergency Help Station.  This innovative alerting device is housed in a weatherproof, vandal-resistant exterior box that expands the application of emergency notification system to locations such as outdoor parks, bus, train and subway stations and parking garages.

The Challenge
In addition to enabling the transmission of wireless signals, the enclosure housing had to be able to handle the demands of an outdoor environment and be highly visible and remain watertight over time.  A standard metal enclosure would require an external antenna which is subject to damage and vandalism and requires ongoing maintenance.

The Solution
Compression molded fiberglass allows the transmission of wireless signals.  Stahlin’s Diamondshield® Series was developed for pleasing aesthetics in high-end electronics that are exposed to harsh corrosive environments and industrial applications.


  • Resistant to UV damage, retains gloss and color.
  • Meets NFPA No. 101 Class A flame spread index.
  • Meets UL 94 5V standards for fire retardancy.

Customer Comments

“Stahlin’s DiamondShield® continues to meet all of our criteria.  Stahlin was able to mold the MS-6100 with a bright safety yellow color.  The enclosures proved to be rugged enough to resist vandalism.  They accommodate and protect all of our controls.  We recently installed the MS-6100 Emergency Help Station at a university in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania outdoor park area and accomplished everything we set out to do with the new product line: making the individuals in the area safer by providing them with a connection to police in seconds not minutes.”

Dave Hochendoner, Chief Technical Officer, Metis Secure Solutions

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