Application / Environment
Doors, traditionally made from wood or steel, are being more commonly produced with composite materials.

Location / Year
A new process for fabricating doors with a continuous high strength bond between outer skin and inner core insulation was introduced in 2008 in Europe and has recently been introduced into the US.

Process Technology Company
Acell (Giulioano Milanese, Italy)

The door panels are fabricated using a novel low pressure molding process to encapsulate open cell foam and structural members between skins of fiber reinforced molding compound.

This new process earned the inventing company, Acell, a 2011 award for Composites Excellence in process innovation.

Technical Data
The SMC skins lock with the foam during the molding process and make an integrated piece eliminating the delamination that can occur in doors produced using a traditional multi-step fabrication process.

The low pressure mold process allows for low cost tooling, so changing design and detail in the door is no longer cost prohibitive.

Why This Solution?

  • Low cost design flexibility
  • High impact resistance
  • Doesn’t rot, rust, corrode, or swell
  • Provides thermal and acoustical insulation

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