Corrosive Walkway

Application / Environment
Industrial handrail and grating for use in a coal preparation plant.

The coal preparation environment causes significant deterioration to carbon steel within two years and to stainless steel within six years.

Location:  American Coal (Galatia, IL)

Composite Design & Fabrication:  Strongwell Corporation (Bristol, VA)

Fabrication Process
The railing and grating were fabricated through pultrusion, a continuous, heat driven process that forms and hardens glass reinforcing fiber and a binding resin.

Materials Data
Fiberglass reinforced handrail system using 2” x 2” x 0.156” square tube pultruded construction

Fiberglass reinforced, 1-1/2” 1-6000 grating and stair tread

Why This Solution?
American Coal planned to use as much corrosion resistant material as possible in the design of a new section of plant.

After twelve years of service, the fiberglass railing and grating systems were reviewed.  The fiberglass systems had not experienced a single incident of corrosion.  Metal structures and components around the fiberglass platform displayed significant corrosion.

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