Clean Room Panels

The Challenge
Design and construct a clean room bottling facility that would integrate state-of-the-art bottling equipment and ultra hygienic wall and suspended ceiling system for the production area and clean room gowning corridor.

The Concern
To provide architectural interior finishes that would deliver a leak-tight and air-tight wall and ceiling system.  The wall and ceiling finishes must hold up to the extreme moisture environment and prevent surface build-up of microorganisms.

The Solution
A composite wall liner panel was provided by Arcoplast consisting of a non-combustible cement core layered with a fiberglass reinforcement embedded in a fire rated resin and surfaced with a non-porous, non-shedding antimicrobial gel coat finish.

The wall liner panels were manufactured in large flat molds and cut to accommodate design requirement.

The fire rated resin and non-combustible cement core addressed the local and state building codes.  The Arcoplast composite panels met the ASTM E 84 flame spread and smoke development requirements.

The Conclusion

  • Improved safety with Arcoplast composite panel construction with a non-combustible cement core.
  • Reduced environmental risk by improved and permanent surface finish for contamination controlled environments.
  • Wall and ceiling system that can resist to high pressure wash-downs in daily  sanitation regimen.
  • Composite wall and ceiling panels that do not support growth of mold, mildew and microbes.
  • Long term durability resulting in lower life cycle cost.
  • Exceptional design flexibility for clean room construction.

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