Bridge Deck

Application / Environment
Pedestrian bridge deck above the 10 lane Dulles Access and Toll Road.

The area was previously served by a crumbling sidewalk along a narrow road that passed below the toll road, creating safety concerns for many of the 500,000 visitors to Wolf Trap each year.

Wolf Trap national Park for the Performing Arts, near Vienna, VA.

Composite Design & Fabrication
Composites Advantage LLC (Dayton, OH)

The fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) pedestrian bridge deck was manufactured with an innovative sandwich construction that utilizes infusion of the top and bottom skins of FRP and closely spaced internal webs that function like a series of I-beams.

Technical Data
The molded panels were 8.3 ft wide and 15.5 ft long with built in curbs and an epoxy aggregate nonslip coating.  The panels were  assembled at the site in lengths as long as 170 feet.   In total, 8,000-ft2 of composite bridge deck was fitted to the bridge trusses.

Why This Solution?
The low weight composite design allowed for fully assembled truss spans to be positioned over the 10 lane highway with only 15 minutes of road closure for each span.

Along with the high strength to weight ratio of the composite, the ability to provide job site time savings, like the curbing and coating, were significant.

The composite decking is inherently durable, and will require virtually no maintenance.

Learn more about composites in bridge applications with the excellent info found on the US Department of Transportation website in the section labeled:  “Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composites Applications“.