Boating Green

Boating is a past time enjoyed by many throughout the world.  Canada’s largest boat builder, Campion Marine, is driven to find ways to reduce its impact on the very environment boaters look to enjoy while providing the high end products needed to participate in the boating experience.

Campion has identified several ways to reduce the impact of their manufacturing operations and end product.

  • The company implemented lean manufacturing initiatives and began using Acrastrip®, a non flammable and re-usable solvent for the daily cleaning of manufacturing equipment.
  • Campion has offered bio diesel engines and most recently trialed an electric engine to reduce impact during operation.
  • Material changes include the use of Ecomate®, a bio-containing foam for seats and flotation equipment.
  • However, the most significant change may be Campion’s conversion from a standard polyester resin binder used in the hull of every one of their boats to a bio-containing resin binder.

Boats have been predominately built using polyester resin binders and fiber reinforcement for more than 40 years because of the material’s low weight to high strength ratio, durability, and low maintenance and repair requirements imparted by the fiberglass construction.

Campion’s conversion to Envirez™, a bio-containing resin, brought more benefits than just the good feeling of depending less on non-renewable resources and reducing CO2 impact by an estimated 100,000 lbs per year.

The conversion from a standard polyester to the Envirez  binder for all of Campion’s hulls also resulted in a more resilient system that absorbs more energy and reduces the chance of cracking or crazing that can be found near screw and rivet joints after severe use impacts.

Campion’s customers may not be able to see the difference that the company is making, but many express appreciation for the company’s commitment to reducing impact on the region and the boating environment they all enjoy.