Bath Surfaces

Application / Environment
Bath environments, specifically suited for showers, tubs and sink counters.  Also found in reception and decorative surfacing locations.

Location:  Hobart and William Smith College (New York)

Composite Design & Fabrication:  Monroe Industries (Avon, NY)

Glass bottle, such as those used to hold beer and wine are ground to meet a set particle size and then bound together into a cast shape using Envirez™ resin, a bio-containing binder.  The use of the fractured glass imparts a three dimensional appearance.

Technical Info
Robal Glass* is cast in surfacing sheets 7/8” thick.  The material can have the a high gloss protective coating applied on just the top or both sides of the product.  The product is ANSI Z 124 certified.

Why This Solution?

  • Design freedom
  • Recycle content >80%
  • Bio-content resin binder
  • Unique, eye catching appearance
  • Cast process allows fabricated to specific size, so no field cutting is required

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